Thy kingdom come
on Earth as it is in Heaven


Brazos Covenant Ministries is a hub purposed to advance kingdom activity in the region, state, and nation. We seek to advance the kingdom of God in the earth. Our heart is to make disciples of all generations prepared to express the fullness of Jesus. Therefore, we honor the five ascension gifts of Christ listed in Ephesians 4, as we seek to restore the church or Ekklesia to the purity of worship and heart. Our highest priority is to be led by the presence of God and his voice.

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Our story

One of the main priorities of our church is to seek the presence of the Lord.

We are a regional and apostolic equipping center serving Texas and our nation. Our clear purpose is to equip and send people into their destinies while serving to transform a region. For this purpose we serve as a connecting point for a variety of ministries, house churches and also other churches outside the region.

Transformation begins with individuals and so we house a Christian Spirit-led counseling center and also an inner healing/prayer ministry called Set Free. We are convinced that worship and prayer are foundational to following Jesus in all pursuits and so we host Tabernacle of David worship and frequent regional prayer gatherings.

All these ministries work together through covenant relationship. See more about these and other ministries under the “Ministries” tab.


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