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Brazos Covenant Ministries is a hub purposed to advance kingdom activity in the region, state, and nation. We seek to advance the kingdom of God in the earth. Our heart is to make disciples of all generations prepared to express the fullness of Jesus. Therefore, we honor the five ascension gifts of Christ listed in Ephesians 4, as we seek to restore the church or Ekklesia to the purity of worship and heart. Our highest priority is to be led by the presence of God and his voice.


Ministries of BCM

Worship: Worship is our heartbeat and more than just sound. Worship is our love language to the LORD and something we express simply because He is worthy. People from our body lead us on instruments and sound. Some are children and some are grandparents. A new wineskin is being formed. Excellent worship is an expression of heartfelt love.

Intercession/Prayer: Sunday Morning Intercessory Prayer: We meet as a team, seeking to align with God’s heart, to effectively pray for the morning’s service, as well as other Kingdom assignments.  While doing so, we ask for Holy Spirit’s guidance, as we agree and stake out those things that truly reflect God’s will.  

Prayer for the nation: Come to the table on Tuesday mornings and join in prophetic intercession over the nation led by Glory Streit

Leader training and activation: Led by Bob Walker. Always evolving, the objective of this area is to better equip those bent toward leading others in advancing the Kingdom.  It is our desire that Holy Spirit direct every aspect of this training—from content to implementation, to prophetically speaking into the lives of our leaders.

Youth & Children: We invest in our youth weekly. Our heart is to develop relationships with the next generation and help them discover who they are, who Jesus is, and what God has called them to do. Our youth are taught to serve on the praise team and be active participants in all we do. We are committed to send each one of our youth to SUMMIT MINISTRIES to inculcate a Biblical Worldview before they choose college or professions. Jerry Streit leads our connection with Summit with a passion for our nation and the youth or our nation.  

First Friday Shabbat gatherings

From the beginning, God ordained rest. This rest was woven into creation and remains a rhythm for those who follow Jesus today.  We need this!  He has always planned that we would have a time of celebration, reflection, fellowship and enjoyment centered around Him on a regular basis.  Scripture makes it clear that there are numerous blessings for those who enter this rest.  We want to enter into these promises corporately as a body.  This is not a legalistic ritual.  It is an invitation to come together in homes on the First Friday evening of every month, embrace His rest, cease from our striving and celebrate His goodness. The goal is to enjoy Him and enjoy each other.  Shabbat Shalom!

BCM Counseling Center

Meet our counselors

Hannah Rodgers
Jeff Bise
Denise Thatcher
Rhonda Clark

Ministries connected with BCM as an apostolic hub

Brazos Strategic Network
The Brazos Strategic Network was founded by and is led by Merrie Cardin with a vision to align leaders and intercessors regionally to watch over and transform our region and Texas. We equip, align and work to unify the body of Christ.

Apostle Merrie Cardin


Wings of Fire Inner Healing and Deliverance

Wings of Fire is a ministry of deliverance and inner healing led by Beverly Earwood and Kathy Hooper, for those who seek to grow in their relationship with the Lord. It is their passion to see people walk out their destiny in wholeness and strength. They feel honored to serve in this international ministry.


Rise and Shine Ministry

Rise and Shine functions as a house church and outreach into Comanche, Texas. Calvin and Ruth Zwicker are mature and prophetic beautiful people. If you are near the Comanche area, we would love to help you connect with them. Ruth also leads a Bible study for women on Tuesdays. The anointing comes!


Bart & Michelle Rodgers

Lead Elders

Merrie & Eddie Cardin

Pastors & Apostolic Leaders

Jerry & Glory Streit


Sally & Bob Walker


Kathy & Steve Hooper


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