Purpose Statement

 To love the Lord God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength

To hear and fearlessly obey Him while spending our lives advancing His
Kingdom on the earth.

To love our neighbors as ourselves.

We are called to embrace:

1. The fullness of God’s covenant with us
2. Alignment with individuals and ministries for the purpose of advancing
His kingdom
3. Lost people for full redemption
4. Believers for the purpose of equipping them to maturity according to Eph
4: 11-16 and also to send them into spheres of ministry that include
business, education, family, media, arts, church, government and more.
5. Our region and beyond to see lands healed and transformed by the power
of Christ.

Statement of Faith:

 Our Heavenly Father is the Creator of the universe, the world, and
everything in it.

 Jesus Christ is the Lamb of God, the Word of God made flesh and was
born of a virgin, crucified for the sins of the world, and raised from death
to reign at the right hand of the Father.
 Salvation is found in Jesus Christ alone and in no other name, religion,
philosophy, or ideology.
 Salvation comes by the grace of God and not by our own works or
 The Bible is the perfect Word of God.
 The ministry, gifts, and power of the Holy Spirit continue today.

Distinctive Beliefs:

 Since Jesus is the Living Word, He continues to speak and give revelation
to His Church to this day. He is the Good Shepherd and his sheep hear His
 While the Lord continues to guide His people beyond the literal
foundation of the written word of God, He does so in perfect harmony
with the written word, the Bible.
 The fullness of Christ is seen in the Church through a “5-Fold” team
approach in which Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers, and Evangelists
govern the Body of Christ.
 The Lord has called and gifted both men and women in the Church to
minister and lead governmentally.
 Relationships in the Body of Christ are seen in the light and context of
God’s covenant nature. Therefore, God’s people ought to be aligned with
one another in love and transparency and committed to one another in
areas of healing and forgiveness.
 God has called Brazos Covenant Ministries to be a “Kingdom-Center” with
a purpose towards the transformation of our region. The ministries of
BCM tend to reflect this purpose more than the ministries of a traditional
local congregation.

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